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first action bedding experience

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

I picked up one of Lone Peak's first Fuzion medium actions and had TS Customs throw a Proof Research barrel on it. I was excited to get the barreled-action in its new home, a McMillan "Edge Fill" A5, but I had never installed an action in a stock; due to this, I reached out to Lone Peak and Justin Hyer for some tips and assistance in getting it set up correctly.

Lone Peak Fuzion and McMillan A5


After some time with a Dremel; I used a little plumbers putty and some tape to get the process started.


I used paper towels to take up space, the plumber's putty ended up soaking into the paper towel and made it harder to remove it when it came to that point.


I feel for the first attempt... it went well. I can't wait for the next attempt; which should be soon. I have some new ideas that I hope will make it easier, if so, I will make sure to share!

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