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  • Foam.

    The foam is made of a closed cell polyethylene foam similar to a “Pick N Pluck” style of foam. It has 50 holes to accommodate up to 50 rounds. This case is designed to house Barrett 419 cartridges. The cases listed will take a round with an overall length of 5.50”. 


    Refer to Fitment Information for more details.


    Top Plate.

    Made of 0.040" Stainless steel, this top plate provides a grid to aide in organization and load development. It also will provide rigidity to the foam if one wants to use them as loading blocks and transfer then transfer ammunition to the box.


    SKB Case.

    Includes a black SKB 1510-6 I Series case.  This case is waterproof and dust tight with trigger relase latches and a rubber snap down handle. 

    50 Round 416 Barrett Bullet Box Complete System (5.50" Max OAL)

    SKU: 419SYS
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    • Foam:

      • Length: 15.00"
      • Width: 10.50"
      • Thickness (Ammunition Foam): 2.00"
      • Thickness (Top and Bottom Pads): 1.00" and 1.00"


      • Length: 14.600"
      • Width: 10.100"
      • Thickness: 0.040"


      • Exeterior Length: 16.25"
      • Exterior Width: 13.00"
      • Exterior Height: 6.78"
      • Box Weight: 5.27 lb
      • Interior Length: 15.00"
      • Interior Width: 10.50"
      • Interior Height: 6.00
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