2018 Inflection Design and Engineering

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Made of aluminum and stainless steel, these magazines are made to be rugged, modular, and easy to handle. Made in a true medium length for standard and magnum cartridges, the feed lips are modular to accommodate different cartridge diameters. The internal length will support up to 3.20" COALs and are compatible with the Lone Peak Fusion and Defiance Deviant XM actions.


The body of the magazine is made of 6061 aluminum and coated in hard black anodizing. Custom colors are available if desired, all custom colors are cerakoted with Elite Cerakote.


The follower and bottom spring plate are also made of 6061 aluminum and coated with a dark red anodizing to make them easy to see. Both include quick spring disconnects so one can change out or modify the spring to his or her desire. The follower incorporates anti-tilt features and channels to minimize binding and unwanted travel.


A larger bottom plate is used to provide a large gripping surface for reloads and a sturdy platform to keep magazines from falling over. The bottom plate has a large hole for the bottom spring plate to lock into. This provides the ability to quickly take the magazine apart with out tools, even with gloves. It is also blasted for uniformity and coated with hard black anodizing.


The feed-lips are made of stainless steel and come in two available options for standard and magnum cartridges. These feed lips can easily be removed and modified so one can adjust them to his or her needs. The feed-lips are not coated, but can be cerakoted in black Elite Cerakote if desired.

Medium Length Magazine - 10 Round

  • Exterior:

    • Overall Length: 3.33"
    • Overall Width: 0.97"
    • Overall Height (excluding feedlip): 3.25"


    Cartridge OAL Capacity: 6.05"