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  • The OS ammo caddy is the perfect accessory for the competitor or hunter that needs a few extra rounds in those "Oh Sh*t!" moments.

    The caddy keeps the extra rounds secure and protected until they are needed.  To remove the rounds the user simply pushes on the neck/shoulder junction of the shell to cantilever the round out of the caddy and then can pull it straight out.

    The caddies are attached to the rifle via supplied velcro strips.  Some users pay prefer using an automotive mounting tape for a lower profile fit that is non removable. 
    223 Caddy is compatible with 223 or 556. No other cartridges have been tested.


    Short Action Standard Bolt face is compatible with GT, Creedmoor, and standard short action cartridges. It will NOT work with Dasher or BR based cases.


    Short Action Magnum Bolt Face is compatible with SAUM, PRC, and WSM cases.

    OS Ammo Caddy

    Caddy Color: Black
    • At Inflection Design and Engineering it is extremely important that our product is to your satisfaction. Upon receiving your product, please inspect your item(s) for any defects or imperfection.

      If you are not satisfied with your product, within 30 days of the invoice date, contact us for further details of resolution. If the product is returned in the same condition it was received, we will refund the product minus taxes, shipping, and a 10% restocking fee.

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